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Do you wish you could have a beautifully cleaned carpet without waiting all day for it to dry?
You can!

Lake Point Dry Foam Cleaning Services uses the patented Von Schrader low-moisture, dry foam extraction system to deep clean your carpets.

This unique method leaves no sticky, dirt attracting residue so your carpet stays cleaner longer. Plus, the dry time is only one to two hours.

Upholstery and Leather furniture can be quickly and expertly cleaned with the patented Von Schrader® Low Moisture Soil Extraction Upholstery Cleaning System.

Specialty carpets such as oriental rugs, wool carpets and cotton carpets can be cleaned safely.

linileum floor being cleaned

Lake Point Dry Foam Cleaning Services now provides vinyl and linoleum floor cleaning for businesses, such as restaurants, offices, apartment buildings and fire halls.

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We serve both Residential and Commercial customers.

Dry Foam Cleaning Services serves both Residential and Commercial customers.

Since its founding in 1935, Von Schrader has become one of the best known and respected names in the carpet cleaning industry. Now you can have the same system used to clean the finest resorts, hotels and casinos used to clean your home or business!

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